Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 10pm          
Saturday and Sunday is closed (in the basement, the catering counter is open)          
Our salad selection     Vegetarian/ Pasta    
Italian salad
with ham, cheese, tomatoes, olives and eggs
10,50€   Tagliatelle with basil
cherry tomatoes under rucola and parmesan
Ceasers salad
with turkey strips and parmesan
11,50€   Ravioli with spinach
and ricotta in truffle butter
Nizza salad
with tuna and onions
11,50€   Spaghetti bolognese 9,50€  
      Spaghetti with tomato sauce 8,50€  
Meat dishes     fish dishes    
Wiener schnitzel
with french fries and salad
12,50€   Salmon fillet
with rosemary potatoes and grill vegetables
Turkey breast with fried potatoes and bacon beans 12,50€   Fillet of beef with rosemary potatoes and salad 23,90€